Why choose us?

“Excellent home-made food and top-notch Teran spiced with an abundance of kindness and hospitality. It’s always nice there. Thank you.” – our guest


Taste home-made wines and learn everything about wine-making – from grapes in our vineyard to the drop in your glass.


Stay a night or more at our farm and explore the beauty of village Pliskovica and Karst region.


The numerous awards of our wines and the good reviews of our guests are the proof of good and passionate work.

Our story

We are trying to continue with the work that our fathers started in order to preserve the traditions for our sons.

Foto: Alen Franetič

Teran wine – Karst region is the only place in the world where this powerful wine is produced.

  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič

Find the main features of Karst in one place – native white and red wine varieties, dry meat pršut and typical characteristics of Karst architecture.



Pliskovica is a small village situated in the middle of the Karst plateau, near the Slovenia – Italy border.

The village is surrounded by numerous vineyards where the typical wine Teran is produced. Around the houses you can see high stone – made walls, which were built to protect the courtyards from the strong wind – Bora. In one of those houses you can find us.

You can stop just for a short visit or choose to stay for a longer period in our apartment or in one of free rooms. Walking, hiking and cycling are some of the activities which you can do while staying in the Karst. We offer you traditional local specialities.


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“One not only drinks wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and – one talks about it.”

King Edward VII



Is the most known wine in Karst. It is produced from Refosco vines grown on red soil Terra Rossa. Since Ancient Rome it has been known that Teran has healing properties and today’s studies have proved this.


Vitovska Grganja

An old white autochthonic variety. Due to thick skin of its grapes it is great for maceration (orange wine). We produce both – Vitovska Grganja White Wine and Vitovska Grganja Orange Wine.



Red blended wine made of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran. Aged for 12 months in barrique barrels and bottled afterwards.



White variety typical for Mediterranean regions. It grows also on Karst and gives us an excellent white wine. We produce it by the classic method for white wines which gives light aroma and freshness.


Teran Liqueur

An aromatized wine made of wine Teran. Cooked according to family recipe (cinnamon, cloves, …). It goes well with desserts or as an aperitif.


“The location in the middle of the wine country is perfect. The owners are so nice and helpful, their hospitality was warm, and they helped with anything we needed. The room was comfortable and the breakfast was good. The wine was great as well!” – our guest

The accommodation facilities include four attic rooms with bathroom. Three rooms have a double bed, one room has a double bed, a single bed and an extra bed. For guests who stay in rooms the breakfast is included in the price.

The apartment is larger, it has two bedrooms. There may sleep five people and two people in the living room on the expandable couch.

You can find a direct reservation form below.

Double bedroom

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  • Foto: Alen Franetič

Triple (+1) bedroom

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  • Foto: Alen Franetič


  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič
  • Foto: Alen Franetič

Reservation form

Note that ‘Room a’ is ‘Double bedroom’ and ‘Room b’ is ‘Triple (+1) bedroom’.

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